Written for Michael Heald, Maggie Snyder, the late Liana Embovica, and Timothy Lovelace, the works in this collection were completed over an eight-year period. Contemporary events, human relationships, long-held fears, and everyday life-experiences fueled the creative process, as did the dedication, enthusiasm, talent, and musicianship that the above performers brought to every rehearsal and performance. No words can adequately express my gratitude.


Night Visions, written for Michael and Liana, was finished in 2008. At the time, I was actively engaged in transferring older works from handwritten to digital notation and had just finished editing Images from a Forgotten Past, a 1985 three-movement work for clarinet and piano. I thought it would be interesting to model a new piece after that piece. Night Visions, the resulting work, has, therefore, a deceptively ethereal second movement surrounded by two more energetic, perhaps even aggressive, “visions.” The listener is free to determine just what these visions might reflect.


The Forest (f)or the Trees (2016) is a set of five movements for solo violin, each based on my memories of family members who have passed on. In some cases, the music reflects feelings still fresh from news of an untimely, unexpected death, or the expected loss of an immediate family member or members (Movements I, II and IV pertain). The Dance movements (III and V), represent the character and personality of specific loved ones, from my perspective, inspiring the humorous or dynamic nature associated with the respective movements.


Vignettes du Jour (2013) developed from an interest in musically relating events that were taking place on a daily basis in our backyard. Ashley, our cat, loved to stalk various unsuspecting targets; squirrels ran up and down sturdy tree trunks and raced through fragile upper branches; blue jays constantly called to one another; and squabbles were initiated and resolved from early morning to late at night. In essence, the work is a song cycle about everyday life, without words.


within ~ without, written for Maggie and Timothy, was finished in 2015. The work explores the duality so prevalent in every part of life, and how these opposing forces interact to contribute to our overall essence of being. Illusion versus reality, lies versus truth, inner calm versus outward intensity, outward calm versus inner turmoil, joy versus despair, and other unstated pairings, are all part of the “phantasies” that make us who we are and help us exist in our world.


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