Floriography — the language of flowers — is a form of poetic expression through flower arranging. The idea is that each plant holds a hidden message derived from their botany or mythological significance, which can be passed on in, say, a bouquet. In this compilation, seven of my compositions are named after particular plants, each drawing inspiration from the plants’ botany and symbolism. The saxophone is the solo instrument in these pieces, accompanied by recorded loops sourced from my own playing on various acoustic instruments: harpsichord, classical guitar, cello, temple blocks, and found objects.


Perfume was another source of inspiration for this album. I was intrigued by how descriptions of the olfactory impression of a fragrance often have musical imagery attached to them, like the fundamental “composition” of a perfume being described as having three sets of notes of varying prominence and temporality. The featured Perfume Coffret Miniatures are a set of ten miniatures named after different terms used in perfumery. For this series I composed a mosaic of material and then recorded myself playing each cell—the recordings of which were combined to form the miniatures. The instruments featured in the miniatures mirror those heard in the rest of the compilation; likewise their acoustic sounds  are occasionally combined with effect processing. — Sophya Polevaya


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